Updated server with latest ACE hotfixes and small improvements for the other mods. Must use verify/repair in Six Updater to grab all of them from the repository.
Also server running latest beta build. Latest beta changelog entries:

[86217] Improved thermal imaging for models with no TI data (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/16673)
[86159] Fixed: Server response unreliable with long keys (e.g. mod lists) (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/23389)
[86128] Fixed: Soldier running instead of crawling through holes (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/25348)
[86122] Fixed: AI without weapon stuck when crouched (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/16229)
[86114] Prevent crouched AI from sprinting (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/24405)

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