Server updates

December 23, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Server updated to 1.60 final, latest ACE hotfixes and added a new map: Hazar-Kot (no missions for it yet, hope to do a quick port from Zargabad MSO to it soon).
The latest 1.60RC beta is still required for Jaylib/ACRE compatibility.

Also released ASR AI 1.13 and Appendix 1.03 on BIS forums.

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December 13, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, Arma2:OA

Latest ACE, ACEX and CWR2 hotfixes pushed to the server. Signatures for CWR2 are now good, so re-enabled v2 sig checking on server and removed the password.

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Updates on server

December 12, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Updated server to latest beta from SU (87147) which is latest beta but with 1.60 RC2 executables. Also pushed a new test version of ASR AI with performance enhancements and a new AI group merge feature: groups that were reduced to 1 member due to KIA will join another near group of the same faction.
Also reset @ACE and @CBA to latest official versions from the SU network – run verify/repair to make sure you grab these.

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December 10, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Another small update contains a hotfix for the ACE GL sight adjustment, a rolled-back ACE spectator pbo (compatible with beta 86652) and a new test version of ASR AI (small fixes and optimization).

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Server updated

Server updated with latest ACE2, CWR2 and missions for CWR2. Added a password (the usual: w1a) an disabled signature checks due to some temporary signature issues with CWR mod files.

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ASR AI 1.12

December 5, 2011 under A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Released to the world at last.

Changes since 1.11:

  • Fine-tuned revealed information for better awareness:
    – shots are heard from a greater distance by default, but knowledge gained is now variable, determined from max sound range
    and distance to shooter.
    – target information value (knowledge) is shared between AI groups as is, except a small loss due to random comm equipment issues.
  • AI will randomly search nearby buildings when in combat mode.
  • Fixed: AI was not giving up a weapon with GL even after spending all mags if they still had some GL rounds.
  • AI taking binoculars is now optional (still enabled by default). To disable in userconfig set: asr_ai_sys_airearming_binocs = 0;
  • AI taking sidearms by default (beta fixed issues involving sidearms). To disable in userconfig set: asr_ai_sys_airearming_sidearm = 0;
    Also they will no longer ignore sidearms if that’s the only weapon available even if sidearm rearming is disabled by config.
  • Userconfig settings now uncommented by default for clarity.
  • Separated configs from scripted features into their own pbos.
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