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March 24, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Latest version of ASR_AI and ASR_A3 for A3 (Early WIP)
Brought a lot more features from ASR_AI for A2, will list them later.asr_addons_21_03_2013
Here’s the userconfig file that was missing from the archive above: asr_ai3_settings

ASR_AI features added:
– AI rate of fire improvements
– tweaked aiming and spotting
– added userconfig file (Arma 3\userconfig\asr_ai\asr_ai3_settings.hpp)
– added custom danger.fsm
– skill sets based on userconfig
– added improved shot detection
– added crew getin/getout skill modifiers
– added loners joining other near groups
– added building use
– added group info sharing
– added scripted reactions (attack, defend, support)
– added dynamic server viewdistance adjustment
– fixed/improved some internal functions

ASR Appendix features added (ASR_A3):
– increased size watch and compass

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