FHQ Remington configs for ACE

March 2, 2013 under A2OA: Modding, A2OA: News, Arma2:OA

This has been done for quite some time, was just waiting for Alwarren to update his pack to upload it: Remington ACE configs
Besides making the weapons perform as if they were part of ACE(X), it features a new reticle – ACOG TA31H-68, a reworked HAMR reticle to allow switching on illumination for the center donut and a couple extra magazine inventory pics. As a bonus, there’s an extra, optional config for JSRS (does not add new sounds, but it adapts the sound ranges and effects for JSRS).

Big thanks to Alwarren for making these and for giving me access to his files ahead of the release so I could work on these configs !

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