ASR AI – dispersion update

June 2, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Reverted dispersion coefficients so the weapon accuracy varies more with skill again (AI were a bit too accurate).
Up on dev repo and zipped here: asr_addons_13060202

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ASR AI – smoke update

June 2, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Another small update pushed to dev repo, it adds AI throwing smoke as a hit event handler. Nice to see it can be done the easy way simply using the fire command without it looking weird. AI now even fires smoke from the GL, but I’ll probably need to tweak it to have them shoot the smoke lower, closer.

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ASR Addons updated

June 1, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Small update pushed to dev repo:

– Updated for latest A3A dev build (0.61.105957).


– Added combat stance feature (keep lower when moving and shooting)
– Lower dispersion coefficients


– Reverted to (updated) vanilla weapon recoil and dispersion

Download: asr_addons_13060101

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