Dev build changelog

August 25, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Here are the changes for the latest build since AUG 17.


– Configs consolidated into a single addon, c_aiskill
– Weapon dispersion tweaked (depends more on skill)
– Added sensitivity configs (special units are better at detecting enemies)
– Units should crouch more when shooting (config based)
– Rearming addon removed until it gets better developed
– Units will prefer going prone to shoot with big guns while not near building
– Added options in userconfig for taking cover and prone-with-bipod shooters
– Optimized find cover code
– Fired EH called less often for performance reasons. It will also only run if fps above 39 in SP.
– Wind and night are considered when calculating gunshot detection range
– Aiming accuracy no longer modified for air/apc/tank crew when abandoning their vehicle (it’s low enough by default)
– Fixed stupid bug with skill values assignment per unit type/level – all units were getting level 6 skills


– Weapon sway tweaks – reduced weapon shake for kneeling in addition to standing
– Realistic, fixed magnification for binoculars, laser designator
– Fixed bug with Vector SMG fire modes
– Added sys_weaponreplacements – functions for easily replacing unit weapons with compatible variants

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Addons updated

August 17, 2013 under A3: Modding, Arma3

Here’s a new version of the bundle (AI + Appendix): asr_addons_13081701. Changes since 0726 listed below:

– Rate of fire, mode selection and engagement ranges tweaked for most small weapons
– Base weapon aiming slightly reduced
– Enabled AI moving to cover routines (same as in A2)
– Removed all animation handlers.
– This mod no longer changes unit’s stance or MG recoil (they were recently improved in the engine)

ASR Appendix
– Weapons with suppressors have increased cyclic ROF.
– Using MK20 recoil type for the 5.56 suppressors
– No forced optics for Binoculars or Laser designators
– Reduced weapon sway for standing pose (15% less)

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