Appendix 1.1 beta

Now on server:

Moved scripted features from main and sys_gear into the new sys_automodules component.
Added new ACE Wounding based feature: Combat First Aid interaction (easy ACE revive alternative action).
Added or changed userconfig options for more customization and auto-initialization of other modules:
– ASR_missionGear (default enabled)
– ASR_ACE_enableGroupMarkers (default undefined)
– ASR_ACE_enableAITalk (default enabled unless RUG_DSAI is running)
– ASR_ACE_AITalkForPlayer (default false)
– ASR_ACE_enableRadioTalk (default enabled)
– ASR_ACE_FullRepair (default undefined)
– ASR_ACE_SpareTyres (default enabled)
Please make sure to update to the newest userconfig version (2)

Also slightly updated CLAfghan MSO with Enigma’s Dynamic weather.

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Gameplay vids

January 7, 2012 under A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Some footage from last night:
[youtube_sc url=7-H1EHiMowk width=550]

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Happy New Year !

Server, mods and missions updated:

– Added Fallujah and Hazar-Kot maps
– Updated ASR (Appendix). Some code that was supposed to be pure server-side and sent to run on clients wasn’t really, fixed that now. Also it enables deploying ropes for ACE fast-roping from any seat in the helicopter (ACE has it limited to pilot only). Note: userconfig script updated.
– Updated ASR MSO code to v1.20.3 on Clafghan. Some fixes and new features, like being able to bring AI to HALO jump with you and integrating the AI Heli Control scripts.

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Server updated

Server updated with latest ACE2, CWR2 and missions for CWR2. Added a password (the usual: w1a) an disabled signature checks due to some temporary signature issues with CWR mod files.

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Zargabad mission further improved

November 27, 2011 under A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Pushed version 1.16

– Better SADARM for arty (uses Mando’s function)
– Cleaned up some non-important code to improve performance
– Moved supply drop features to the Air Console
– Air patrols should be cleaned up more nicely
– Less stuff in the boxes to prevent overflow
– Mando Air Console always enabled
– Improved Air support AI behavior
– Better weather and colors

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Server, mod, mission updates

Updated to latest ACE 1.13 RC4

Also uploaded ASR AI 1.12 beta – Fine-tuned AI-revealed information for better awareness, based on the new v1.60 reveal command variant:
– shots are heard farther by default, but knowledge gained is determined from max sound range and range to shooter
– target information value (knowledge) is shared as is, with a small loss due to random comm issues

Zargabad MSO 1.14: removed overdone ambiance effects (fly swarms, crows, paper sandstorms), re-added Bon’s UAV at base (controlled by anyone at the terminal) and added 2 other MSO ambiance modules (Shepherds and Emergency).

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Zargabad ASR MSO

November 23, 2011 under A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Finalized port of ASR MSO 1.13 to Zargabad today and uploaded to repository. Some more allied factions, equipment and a few unique MSO features on this map.

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Missions updated

November 19, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Updated Sander missions and new ChernoMSO version 1.12 (small fixes).

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November 19, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Updated repo with latest ACE 1.13 RC3.

Also uploaded new Chernarus MSO 1.11 with latest MIP, fixed Air Taxi script, relocated base and more parameters.

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MSO Mission

Updated Chernarus MSO to 1.10 to support the new RSLO v2 which was also added to optional, allowed mods on the custom repository.

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