FHQ Remington configs for ACE

March 2, 2013 under A2OA: Modding, A2OA: News, Arma2:OA

This has been done for quite some time, was just waiting for Alwarren to update his pack to upload it: Remington ACE configs
Besides making the weapons perform as if they were part of ACE(X), it features a new reticle – ACOG TA31H-68, a reworked HAMR reticle to allow switching on illumination for the center donut and a couple extra magazine inventory pics. As a bonus, there’s an extra, optional config for JSRS (does not add new sounds, but it adapts the sound ranges and effects for JSRS).

Big thanks to Alwarren for making these and for giving me access to his files ahead of the release so I could work on these configs !

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ASR Map Grids updated

December 29, 2012 under A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA


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SU Repo for ASR Mods (development version)

Click here to open the preset with Six Updater

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Server updates

Server is now listening on a different IP (it may change again, so if you have issues connecting, start the game and join via the MP browser in-game).

Also running the newest beta, removed 2 big maps from the preset: CLAfghan and Fallujah and added Aliabad and the P:UKF weapons (really a must-have for playing BAF missions) supported by a few extra configs by me. Then the latest dev versions of ASR and ASR AI.
Overall the preset should be smaller than before.


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Appendix 1.1 beta

Now on server:

Moved scripted features from main and sys_gear into the new sys_automodules component.
Added new ACE Wounding based feature: Combat First Aid interaction (easy ACE revive alternative action).
Added or changed userconfig options for more customization and auto-initialization of other modules:
– ASR_missionGear (default enabled)
– ASR_ACE_enableGroupMarkers (default undefined)
– ASR_ACE_enableAITalk (default enabled unless RUG_DSAI is running)
– ASR_ACE_AITalkForPlayer (default false)
– ASR_ACE_enableRadioTalk (default enabled)
– ASR_ACE_FullRepair (default undefined)
– ASR_ACE_SpareTyres (default enabled)
Please make sure to update to the newest userconfig version (2)

Also slightly updated CLAfghan MSO with Enigma’s Dynamic weather.

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Appendix 1.0.4 beta

February 26, 2012 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

New Appendix up on server. No new fancy features, but a reworked userconfig format, with a few new options, tested to behave properly with or without ACE and server-side (except sys_gear which needs a human team leader running the mod to bring the crates to his position).

Also updated the signatures for ASR AI with it’s own key.

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Testing new ASR AI

February 17, 2012 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Tweaking is now done based on values same or very close to default ones (as in vanilla, just installed game).

For difficulty options on the server, this means values in username.Arma2OAProfile:

These are the same for all levels:










Up and configured like that on the server.

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Updates up for testing

February 12, 2012 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Updated mods on server, with new AI skill defaults which will need some testing. Currently running the CWR2 preset.

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Happy New Year !

Server, mods and missions updated:

– Added Fallujah and Hazar-Kot maps
– Updated ASR (Appendix). Some code that was supposed to be pure server-side and sent to run on clients wasn’t really, fixed that now. Also it enables deploying ropes for ACE fast-roping from any seat in the helicopter (ACE has it limited to pilot only). Note: userconfig script updated.
– Updated ASR MSO code to v1.20.3 on Clafghan. Some fixes and new features, like being able to bring AI to HALO jump with you and integrating the AI Heli Control scripts.

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Server updates

December 23, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Server updated to 1.60 final, latest ACE hotfixes and added a new map: Hazar-Kot (no missions for it yet, hope to do a quick port from Zargabad MSO to it soon).
The latest 1.60RC beta is still required for Jaylib/ACRE compatibility.

Also released ASR AI 1.13 and Appendix 1.03 on BIS forums.

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