Gameplay vids

January 7, 2012 under A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Some footage from last night:
[youtube_sc url=7-H1EHiMowk width=550]

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Happy New Year !

Server, mods and missions updated:

– Added Fallujah and Hazar-Kot maps
– Updated ASR (Appendix). Some code that was supposed to be pure server-side and sent to run on clients wasn’t really, fixed that now. Also it enables deploying ropes for ACE fast-roping from any seat in the helicopter (ACE has it limited to pilot only). Note: userconfig script updated.
– Updated ASR MSO code to v1.20.3 on Clafghan. Some fixes and new features, like being able to bring AI to HALO jump with you and integrating the AI Heli Control scripts.

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Server updates

December 23, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Server updated to 1.60 final, latest ACE hotfixes and added a new map: Hazar-Kot (no missions for it yet, hope to do a quick port from Zargabad MSO to it soon).
The latest 1.60RC beta is still required for Jaylib/ACRE compatibility.

Also released ASR AI 1.13 and Appendix 1.03 on BIS forums.

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December 13, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, Arma2:OA

Latest ACE, ACEX and CWR2 hotfixes pushed to the server. Signatures for CWR2 are now good, so re-enabled v2 sig checking on server and removed the password.

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Updates on server

December 12, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Updated server to latest beta from SU (87147) which is latest beta but with 1.60 RC2 executables. Also pushed a new test version of ASR AI with performance enhancements and a new AI group merge feature: groups that were reduced to 1 member due to KIA will join another near group of the same faction.
Also reset @ACE and @CBA to latest official versions from the SU network – run verify/repair to make sure you grab these.

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December 10, 2011 under A2OA: Dedicated Servers, A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Another small update contains a hotfix for the ACE GL sight adjustment, a rolled-back ACE spectator pbo (compatible with beta 86652) and a new test version of ASR AI (small fixes and optimization).

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Server updated

Server updated with latest ACE2, CWR2 and missions for CWR2. Added a password (the usual: w1a) an disabled signature checks due to some temporary signature issues with CWR mod files.

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ASR AI 1.12

December 5, 2011 under A2OA: Modding, Arma2:OA

Released to the world at last.

Changes since 1.11:

  • Fine-tuned revealed information for better awareness:
    – shots are heard from a greater distance by default, but knowledge gained is now variable, determined from max sound range
    and distance to shooter.
    – target information value (knowledge) is shared between AI groups as is, except a small loss due to random comm equipment issues.
  • AI will randomly search nearby buildings when in combat mode.
  • Fixed: AI was not giving up a weapon with GL even after spending all mags if they still had some GL rounds.
  • AI taking binoculars is now optional (still enabled by default). To disable in userconfig set: asr_ai_sys_airearming_binocs = 0;
  • AI taking sidearms by default (beta fixed issues involving sidearms). To disable in userconfig set: asr_ai_sys_airearming_sidearm = 0;
    Also they will no longer ignore sidearms if that’s the only weapon available even if sidearm rearming is disabled by config.
  • Userconfig settings now uncommented by default for clarity.
  • Separated configs from scripted features into their own pbos.
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Zargabad mission further improved

November 27, 2011 under A2OA: Missions, Arma2:OA

Pushed version 1.16

– Better SADARM for arty (uses Mando’s function)
– Cleaned up some non-important code to improve performance
– Moved supply drop features to the Air Console
– Air patrols should be cleaned up more nicely
– Less stuff in the boxes to prevent overflow
– Mando Air Console always enabled
– Improved Air support AI behavior
– Better weather and colors

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Server, mod, mission updates

Updated to latest ACE 1.13 RC4

Also uploaded ASR AI 1.12 beta – Fine-tuned AI-revealed information for better awareness, based on the new v1.60 reveal command variant:
– shots are heard farther by default, but knowledge gained is determined from max sound range and range to shooter
– target information value (knowledge) is shared as is, with a small loss due to random comm issues

Zargabad MSO 1.14: removed overdone ambiance effects (fly swarms, crows, paper sandstorms), re-added Bon’s UAV at base (controlled by anyone at the terminal) and added 2 other MSO ambiance modules (Shepherds and Emergency).

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