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July 26, 2013 under A3: Dedicated Servers, A3: Modding, Arma3

Time to add another zip file: asr_addons_13072602.


Changes since the 0602 version
– added basic rearming for AI (getting stuff only from dead bodies for now) – mags, nades, binocs, vests, backpacks, kits
– added dynamic recoil adjustments for AI using MG/AR (like in A2)
– userconfig: simplified skill set definitions by grouping skills into 3 categories: aiming, spotting and general (all the others)
– tweaked skill levels for all unit classes
– userconfig version number bumped to 8
– fixed some scripts that were throwing error messages
– disabled AI GL smoke (they use it by themselves anyway, but as if they were lethal)
– moved all unit type skill config values from sys_aiskill to c_aiskill
– added configs for the new unit classes (greens, spec ops)
– heavily tweaked all small arms AI engagement ranges and fire mode selections

ASR_A3 (Apendix)

Changes since the 0602 version
– adapted for latest beta, dev branch
– reverted to default magazine “mass” config
– reverted to default weapon recoil config
– added new suppressor types to the “no penalty” config
(by default, in A3, same bullets, if fired with suppressors, do less damage; with this config they do just as much as if unsuppressed)
– can’t use head-mounted NVG behind magnifying weapon optics

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February 12, 2012 under A3: Dedicated Servers, Arma3

ASR Dev server (ASRDEV) – use this autoconfig url with Arma3Sync:

If you have trouble connecting to the gameservers directly from SU/PWS, use the “Remote” button in the MP browser in-game and enter the IP and port as seen in the banners above.

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